Prof MacKenzie has been a surgeon for over 20 years. She can remove a multitude of different skin lesions at the clinic including moles, skin tags, skin polyps, brown marks, warts, milia, white bumps, sebaceous hyperplasia, cysts, actinic keratosis, small tattoos and seborrhoeic keratosis.

This can either be performed as a small surgical procedure where the lesion is cut out and the skin stitched closed, or a cautery device may be used to burn the lesion off after numbing the skin with local anaesthetic.

Although these treatments will leave a small scar this may be preferable to a lesion which may become worse over time or which catches on clothing or fingernails.

Skin which has been removed may be sent to a pathology lab to be checked if this is deemed necessary.

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We can restore your natural beauty and correct imperfections.

You can choose treatments for dozens of conditions.

Signs of aging include wrinkles, sagging and loose skin, with damage from the sun and smoking as the greatest culprits.

Looking your best helps to boost confidence and how you feel.

Botox is perfect! And the Obagi is great, people have been commenting on my glow!!!

Thank you once again, not a bruise in sight, so the hubby none the wiser

Husbands just commented on how well I was looking. Rename your clinic the fountain of youth!




Professor Rhoda MacKenzie

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Professor Rhoda MacKenzie graduated as a doctor from the University of Aberdeen Medical School in 1992, before training to consultant level in general and vascular surgery.

Rhoda first opened her Age Reversal Therapies clinic in 2005 and offers a discreet, professional, expert aesthetics service at her bespoke medical clinic 15 minutes west of Aberdeen. Both medical and minor surgical procedures are available after a free consultation. She is known for attention to detail, understanding her clients’ needs and her down to earth attitude.

I just wanted to see THANK YOU for such an amazing job on my frown, I feel so confident now and so happy with your work!

We all see a difference in my mum can’t wait for my turn

Everyone is always asking me who does my lips!




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