Botulinum Toxin Injections

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There are several different types of botulinum toxin which are used as wrinkle relaxing injections. Prof MacKenzie uses Botox® and Bocouture®, which are both well-known and highly regarded preparations.  Prof MacKenzie uses Botox® and Bocouture®, which are both well-known and highly regarded preparations. Both types of toxin cause gradual paralysis in an area approximately one square centimetre around each injection site. Precise dosing and placement is used to ensure the best cosmetic result. A very fine needle is used and the procedure is very rapid, taking only a few minutes.

After the first treatment, a reduction in muscle movement will be seen after 5 to 8 days with the maximum result by two weeks. Depending on the area treated and the dose used the duration of results will vary from approximately 3 to 5 months. Treatments may be repeated after a minimum of three months. The effect, particularly in the forehead, can develop more quickly on successive treatments. Certain areas will wear off more quickly than others, e.g. some movement may start to come back around 8-10 weeks in the forehead or around the eyes.

The aim is not to create a frozen look but rather to achieve a natural appearance with a reduction in wrinkling and a more relaxed appearance overall.

This treatment can be used to treat the frown area (between the eyebrows), the forehead, the smile lines or crow’s feet, lines at the top of the nose, a downward turned mouth, as well as other more advanced techniques.

No anaesthetic is required although needle phobic patients may have numbing cream applied to the area prior to injection.

Toxin is also used to treat excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis. This is most commonly in the armpits but it can be used on any area of the body with excessive sweating. The results from armpit treatment last 6 to 9 months in most cases.

Possible complications; the most common side-effect is bruising which may last 10 to 14 days. There may also be some asymmetry of the eyebrows. Overtreatment of the forehead may cause heaviness of the eyebrows. Very rarely the eyelids may droop. Prof MacKenzie will advise on the best dosage and placement of the product.

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