Prof MacKenzie has been a surgeon for over 25 years. She can treat a multitude of different skin lesions at the clinic including moles, skin tags, skin polyps, brown marks, warts, lipomas, milia, white bumps, sebaceous hyperplasia, cysts, actinic keratosis, small tattoos and seborrhoeic keratosis.

This can either be performed as a small surgical procedure where the lesion is cut out and the skin stitched closed, or a cautery device may be used to burn the lesion off after numbing the skin with local anaesthetic.

Although these treatments will leave a small scar this may be preferable to a lesion which may become worse over time or which catches on clothing or fingernails. Prof MacKenzie also has other treatments which improve the appearance of scars.

Skin which has been removed may be sent to a pathology lab to be checked if this is deemed necessary.

Skin tag removal

from £80